Space4health – No brain no gain!

Space4health – No brain no gain!

Space4health is an innovative approach to simulate 1G environment in space by promoting sensorimotor functions. A very interested team is compounded by Uros Marusic, assistant professor and researcher at the Institute for kinesiology research specialised in neurophysiology, Naja Babnik, professional skier (Slovenian national team) specialised in visualisation techniques, Armin Paravlic, focusing in muscle/bone physiology and developing new sensorimotor interventions and Robin Ulaga, kinesiology student, specialising into applications for bio/neuro-feedback and measuring psychophysiological responses.

Space4health uses visualisation and proper movement imagination to stimulate those brain areas that are involved in the real movement execution. The team wants to create an optimal mental and physical training in space to trigger higher motivation and enjoyment for astronauts on their long space travels. By doing so,  they diminish health risks for astronauts and optimise their re-adaptation process.

Let’s learn more about the winners from the NASA Space Apps Challenge Koper location at the University incubator of Primorska!

What challenge were you working on?
We were working on NASA space app challenge: Space Recreation – Journey to Mars.

What have you liked most about the event?
Young enthusiasts working together and developing new ideas in relatively short time. We had a great jury with many valuable suggestions.

Has the event had an impact on your life?
Certainly! Knowing many new people, developing leadership skills, working in team.

What would you suggest persons considering to take part in the future?
Join, be active in and go with the inventive flow.

What is innovation for you?
Knowing the existing knowledge and available technology, optimising protocols to develop something new to improve lives on Earth and in Space.

What do you think about the state of innovation in your country, how would you improve that?
Slovenia could benefit from more flexible innovation funding and less rigid government support schemes to researchers. Innovation to market could also be enhanced through skill building of innovators for managing their businesses.

What are your plans as a team?
We hope to get into finals and start the development of our idea further on. We think that there is a great potential for our new protocols since we already see positive and promising results of our pilot tests.