Solar Jump Jet to explore Mars

Solar Jump Jet to explore Mars

The team from the Skopje location at NewMan’s Accelerator has built a Solar Jump Jet, a jet pack which the astronaut can carry with himself on Mars and use its power in order to accomplish obstruction whenever he encounters one. Goran Jovanoski, Andrej Zlatevski, Vladimir Tanev, Martin Trnkovski, Filip Trkaleski with Martina Dimoska as mentor understand that Mars has a complicated landscape and being fully aware of all the conditions there, they have chosen the solar power. They have developed a fully and highly functional prototype which should last for long period of time.

Their first goal was step back from standard jet-power with fuel consumption and unstable flaming to make the astronauts life safer. The second goal was to use the solar power that comes from the Sun for recharging the graphene batteries used by their Jet. The lightest and strongest nano-material on Earth called graphene is also the main material used  in the skeleton of the Jet.

Let’s learn more about this thrilling project!

What challenge were you working on?
We were working on the Jet Set Mars challenge

What have you liked most about the event?
We like most about this event its motivational, innovative and educational character.

Has the event had an impact on your life?
This event made a very big impact on our lives! It motivated us to work even harder to achieve our life goals and it enabled us various opportunities to accelerate our careers.

What would you suggest persons considering to take part in the future?

Think innovative, think “out of the sphere“, be bold and believe in your capabilities. If you’re working hard enough, your dream can come true!

What is innovation for you?
For us innovation is something new, creative, an idea of something that nobody have ever seen.

What do you think about the state of innovation in your country, how would you improve that?
We have seen very innovative things from the teams on this event, therefore we believe that our country has future.We can improve it by organising events like this, where people can express their ideas.

What are your plans as a team?
We do not want to stop here. We are planning to work together as a team in the future not only on events but also on our career paths as well. NASA helped us realise how important team work and support is.