Atmosfera – Real time help for people with special health conditions

Atmosfera – Real time help for people with special health conditions

The team Amosfera from Tirana has built an application to offer real-time data to people with special health conditions, or just for general information by using data from OpenWeatherMap to show the weather conditions like temperature and humidity and from local air monitoring stations data in Prishtina (Kosovo) for the air components. Everything is measured in real-time and displayed to the user. Users can take advantage of the notification system to be warned when the air components parameters are above normal, or critical for their health condition.

Today we want to know more about this quite young team from Prishtina compounded by high school students, computer engineering and medical school students Erida Cerro, Elena Dinkollari, Kejsi Gozhita, Deivi Taka, Stefan Prifti and Theodhor Pandeli.

What challenge were you working on?

We were working on “Aircheck” challenge.

What have you liked most about the event?

The entire event was perfectly organised by Protik ICT. We had a great time with our team and the most important, the mentors. They were the key of our success, because their advices, feedback and support were great.

Has the event had an impact on your life?
To be honest, yes. We are pushing forward our project. Since we were using just a single station for the prototype version, now we expanded the number to 6 and in the upcoming days we hope to use even more air station data. We are talking with the institutions to obtain those data. We are taking this seriously!

What would you suggest persons considering to take part in the future?
I have already suggested it to all of my friends. As I said during the event, is too bad that events like this take place only once a year. It’s a very good way to spend a weekend and maybe this weekend will determine the course of our lives.

What is innovation for you?

Innovation is the way of making the information easy to adopt by people, bringing it closer to them using devices and other methods that will help them in their everyday life.

What do you think about the state of innovation in your country, how would you improve that?

We cannot say that Albania is developed enough to call it innovative country. There are a lot of innovative ideas, but as far as we know, most of them just never succeed due to many reasons. I think that the innovation is in the hand of those who bring these ideas.